I want to get divorced. What do I do?
AYou need to issue a divorce summons to initiate the process. A divorce action may be brought in the High Court or the Regional Magistrates Court. The course of the matter, and time to finalise it, will depend on whether the divorce is contested by your spouse or not.
I’ve sold my house. What costs will I be liable for as the seller?
AAs the seller, you will be liable for payment of the following, whichever is applicable:
– rates clearance: payable to the municipality, and calculated in essence as arrears plus 4 months advance estimate
– bond cancellation fees: payable to the attorneys appointed by your bond holder to cancel your bond
– levy clearance: payable to the body corporate, calculated as arrears and advance payment for month of transfer
– costs of required certificates: electrical compliance certificate, electric fence certificate, has compliance certificate, and/or beetle certificate.
My tenant is not paying the monthly rental. What do I do?
AAfter due demand for payment is made, the lease agreement must be cancelled. An application must then be made to court for an order authorizing the eviction of the tenant.
The contract I am signing refers to a “domicilium” address. What is that?
AIt is the address you nominate at which you choose to accept delivery of all notices in terms of the contract. Delivery at such address constitutes valid delivery whether the notice comes to your attention or not. Hence it is imperative that you keep this address updated at all times.
What is a trust?
AA trust is a legal entity in which control of assets is put in the hands of nominated trustees, held for the benefit of nominated beneficiaries.
A judgement was taken against me. I’ve settled the debt, but I am still blacklisted. What do I do?
AAn application will have to be launched to have the judgment rescinded. Once recinded, the listing against your name will be removed.